Welcome to Blood City

Full Circle

The Adventure Begins

February 9th, 1877
7:30 PM

  • Posse encounters “crazed man” having a “snack”. John Dispatches man.
  • Doctor Cross convinces Marshal to allow examiniation of posse to avoid contamination of the populace.
  • Posse is escorted to Casa del Cross and promptly locked in a room.
    February 10th, 1877
  • Doctor Cross hires posse to investigate strange powder found on “crazed man”.
  • Posse starts at B&S Detective Agency.
  • Bub and Sam know nothing of strange powder and direct posse to see an old friend Mily.
  • Posse travels to China Town.
  • Mily convinces posse that her associates do not deal in such substances. Tells posse to seek out David Mulder.
  • Henry is called out on the street and one sided fight ensues. * After dealing with deginerates at Mulder Greenhouse, Mulder tells posse to investigate Soaring Eagle.
  • Posse arrives at Soaring Eagle abode and fight ensues.
  • Eagle dumps 2 large barrels into river.
  • John, Ista and Pepi have rough time of it as Soaring Eagle takes a large dose of the suspicious powder and becomes “Something else”. Henry runs away.
  • Posse dispatches Soaring Eagle.



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